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Website selling my choice of purchases to artisans during my travels from 2007 (Thailand, Tunis, Bali) and supplement of income to my thin retirement :

  • New products permanently,
  • All the products of the site are always available: if it is the last one that you buy it disappears when you buy it,
  • The technique of the site is made by me, (on the net since 1996),
  • No intermediary between you and me.
  • My craft purchases for each country:

My purchases

Thailand handicrafts

Thailand's handicrafts are as follows, which is also the order of my preferences:

1- The simple craftsman who usually works in a group (the minorities of the North), little single individual, my first move in Thailand is to go to them as well as on >>

>> the so-called "food markets" my purchases are "authentic": these are the objects that the Thais use in their daily lives; tableware, basketwork, traditional clothing, batiks and sarongs, bedspreads, various silks, incense used by the Thais in their daily lives.

2 - Those who have become one large workshop only one has appropriated (in the North),

3- I bought in huge markets for tourists at the beginning of my travels (2006), I go there more or little. No more than in the night markets, I prefer them smaller scale artisans.

In these various places we also find crafts from Nepal, India,

Morality I buy less and less in Bangkok, but rather in the northern mountains where are the artisans, mostly unique pieces that is unique to the craft industry!

And even if one product looks like another not being made to the chain it always has a different element.

Handicrafts of Tunis and its surroundings

The handicraft of Tunis and its surroundings is an authentic handicraft made only by craftsmen. The raw materials are of excellent quality (thick leather without smell, pure wool of sheep); unfortunately the finish leaves something to be desired. Purchase in the souks of Tunis.

Artisan beads

The centuries-old tradition of pearl craftsmanship in Indonesia is lost as industrially copied by China without any more of the original fantasies; mostly glass; African inspiration, due to their multicentenary trade with Africa, rock gardens, bones. Purchase in Bali.

Also some Thai gold lampwork beads set with silver 92,2%. Who, like those in Bali, are not made in China?